Infant Massage Instructor training.

Infant Massage Australia proudly offers intensive 4 day trainings throughout Australia.  Our delivery of the 4 days is either consecutive or two by two days with a month break in between.  Over the four day training we cover the History of Massage, the pioneers of touch, one of whom is Amelia Auckett the Maternal and Child Health Nurse that introduced Infant Massage to Australia families in the late 80’s with the assistance of a Nigerian midwife.  We cover elements of what massage oils to use and their benefits, touch deprivation and its impacts, neural development, the older child, high need families and high need infant and how we assist them, bonding and attachment, colic and colic strokes, attitudes, premature babies, special needs, discussions of biochemistry of the body when there is touch and its benefits.

Our trainers throughout Australia have a wide professional background and have to go through and extensive application and delivery of baby massage to over one hundred babies and to go through a trainee programme for two years.  We have this process so that we choose trainers that are committed to families and the importance of our work for parents and children.

Our organisation is the largest and only non-for profit organisation in Australia.  We look forward to a bright future with Australian families. And welcome you to enquire about becoming an instructor of baby massage.

Please see our website for training dates and more about our trainers