Our Trainers

Our trainers are locally based and have a wide range of professional education and experience. They are usually local to your state and also involved in the promotion of infant massage in the community through their executive level involvement in Infant Massage Australia.

Clare Thorp

Clare has a nursing background with experience encompassing midwifery, psychiatry nursing and Maternal and Child Health (MCH). Clare works as a MCH nurse in Victoria as well as running a private practice specialising in complementary therapy and the child-bearing family.

Amanda Buckmaster

Amanda is a remedial massage practitioner specialising in holistically based treatments for women and children. Amanda is a mother of two adult children and also is qualified in Australian Bush Flower Essences, Pellowah healing and aromatherapy. Amanda also holds certificates in adult education and stress management.

Co Trainers

Rachel Maunder

Rachel has a nursing background with experience in recovery room and operating theatres. She is a remedial massage practitioner who has specialised her massage and courses for pregnancy and babies as her own family of three children has grown

Kellie Thomas

Kellie has worked in the disability and rehabilitation field for 20 years as a therapist and trainer. A qualified remedial practitioner for 10 years, Kellie has focused on specializing treatments for people with congenital and acquired conditions. Having also had a pre-term infant, Kellie has experienced the benefits of infant massage first hand and as part of the IMA team, is qualified to facilitate training for new parents as well as professionals in the community services and health industries. Kellie is currently developing practitioner training for professionals in the disability, rehabilitation and complementary therapy industries.

Sydel Weinstein

Sydel is a Mental Health Educator/Yoga teacher/ Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Trainer. Sydel is a co-founder of the Family Nurturing Centre in Perth and the Home of Yoga, both of which have been going for 20 years. The FNC is an Attachment Parenting Education centre, running Parent and Baby yoga and support and pregnancy yoga and support classes. The Centre’s mission is to support families through the provision of resources, services and education to lay the foundations of mental health and well being in the family.