Become a Certified Infant Massage Educator

Our Certified Infant Massage Educator training is relationship focussed – centred on developing healthy bonds and secure attachment between babies and their care givers.

Teaching Infant Massage is a rewarding opportunity, promoting well-being and enhancing bonding between infants and their caregivers. Infant massage assists the growth and development of baby’s body, mind and spirit. In addition it can bring relief to complaints of colic, constipation, respiratory disorders and sleeping difficulties.

You can contribute to this essential communication by becoming a Certified Infant Massage Educator. No previous massage experience is necessary.


The Infant Massage Australia Educator Training Workshops are designed for:

  • Massage practitioners
  • Child health nurses
  • Midwives
  • Parents and grandparents
  • Other healthcare professionals
  • Anyone interested in working with families

Our Workshop

Our workshop includes coverage of:

  • Infant Massage Benefits
  • Importance of Infant Communication
  • A massage sequence including appropriate use of oils, seeking permission, and the “best time” to massage
  • Working with parent groups
  • Bonding and Attachment
  • Unexplained Early Infant Irritability
  • High Need Families
  • Trauma, Touch Deprivation and Infant Release
  • Adaptations for the Older Child
  • Children with Additional Needs including premmie babies
  • Practical Teaching of Families
  • Promotion, Passion and Persistence


What is included as part of the enrolment fee:

  • The 4 day workshop.
  • A copy of Amelia Auckett’s Baby Massage and Vimala McClure’s Infant Massage: A Handbook for Loving Parents.
  • Extensive Hand-outs
  • Assessment of the Study Module
  • Membership of Infant Massage Australia Inc. Connecting you with a network of educators promoting and assisting the work of its members and enabling access to warehouse materials for use in practice and promotion.
  • Ongoing support and resources
  • Infant Massage Australia’s promotional Infant Massage DVD

The enrolment fee is $895. We offer an Early Bird Bonus for participants making full payment at least 6 weeks prior to course commencement.

An early bird bonus varies depending on the training location.  Please refer to the enrolment information for your preferred location for details.

Certification Process

Full Accreditation with Infant Massage Australia Inc. is achieved by completing a study module after the four-day workshop.

As a bonus, participants who complete their study module within 3  months of completion of the Workshop will receive:

  • 200 Infant Massage Australia brochures
  • 20 Gift Certificates
  • 5 A3 Infant Massage Poster – which can be laminated and used for promotion

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