Infant Massage Australia

Australia’s only infant massage non-profit organisation.

We are Australia’s only Infant Massage
non-profit organisation

Infant Massage Australia (IMA) celebrates and promotes baby massage to Australian families as well as training and supporting  our educators and members.

Over the past 20 years, more than 20,000 Australian families have learnt and come to love the art of baby massage through attending classes conducted by IMA educators.


Why Learn Infant Massage?

The benefits of infant massage have been enjoyed in other cultures for centuries and now Australian parents can learn the techniques that will help their babies make the most of the miracle of touch.

Infant massage must be experienced to fully appreciate the benefits for parent and baby.

Learning infant massage is made easy with a certified educator to carefully guide you through each stroke until you are confident in using the simple techniques.

Benefits, Classes & Courses

Benefits of Infant Massage

There are many benefits of infant massage which include helping both baby and parent to relax and encourage baby to sleep deeper and longer.

Baby Massage Classes for Parents

Interested in baby massage classes? Find an Infant Massage Educator in your state.

Become an Infant Massage Educator

Teaching Infant Massage is a rewarding opportunity, promoting well-being and enhancing bonding between infants and their caregivers.


I feel closer during massage. We communicate more clearly with each other. I feel happy when I see my daughter smiling as she does during massage.”

Meredith WA

“Learning massage gave me more confidence with my baby and to better cope with his moods and cries.”

Shelley VIC

“I found the development from totally rejecting the massage to accepting and enjoying it, made the course very rewarding to me. …I found that I have become more sensitive to and aware of what Sarah is trying to communicate.”

Gerry VIC

It is through our hands that we speak to the child. That we communicate.
Touch is the child’s first language, understanding comes long after feeling.

Frederick Leboyer