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Learn about how you can become a member of Infant Massage Australia


This category is open to a qualified educator who has undertaken additional IMA recognised training within the Infant Massage field.


You automatically become a Member when you become a qualified educator who has completed an Infant Massage educator’s course recognised by IMA.

Cost of membership: $95/year


This category is open to an educator who has undertaken a basic Infant Massage Educator course recognised by IMA.

Cost of membership included in training fee and students move automatically to full member on certification.

Friend or Affiliate

This category is open to anyone, from parents to doctors, who believe in the charter of the Association, and students who did not join the Association at training or students who have not completed certification within 12 months.

Cost of membership: Free

Membership Entitlements

  • Voting rights at the Annual General Meeting. (full membership holders only)
  • Access to the latest research and IMA’s resource centre at cost
  • Inclusion of your details on the IMA website (CIME’s ONLY)
  • Access to IMA’s promotional products, i.e. brochures, books, T-shirts at near wholesale prices (CIME’s and students only)
  • Access to IMA Facebook Members Group (CIME and students only).
  • Access to IMA professional development workshops.

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